Charlotte Joint Employer Training Center Hosts Diverse Group of Leaders at Auto Focus 2023

Southeastern Carpenters Executive Secretary-Treasurer Tom Jenkins (left) and NC Attorney General Josh Stein

The Building Carolina team hosted a diverse group of industry leaders, including contractors, automotive decision-makers, industry experts and elected officials at Auto Focus 2023.

Over two days, the Southern States Automotive Contractors Association presented Auto Focus 2023 at the Southeastern Carpenters Training Program’s Charlotte Training Center, home of Building Carolina. It is a new, ultra-modern facility that trains carpenters and millwrights for employers throughout the region. The event featured both speaking presentations and hands-on demonstrations around the Center. 

Auto Focus is the Southern automotive industry's annual summit to address key issues and create solutions via discussion and collaboration with auto makers, automotive project directors, experts, and industry leaders. Topics addressed include environmental impact, safety, maintenance and reliability, economic development and establishing the next generation of construction and maintenance workers.

Many thanks to industry guest speakers: Nucor’s Tim Hill, Faithful & Gould’s Steve Willcock, Dutch Resources’ Darrin Vander Toorn, Toyota’s Craig Cansler, SIMMCO II’s Bob Frawley, Haztek’s Herb Strong and Consultant Sally Love. We also were honored to have North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein and NC Department of Commerce Secretary Machelle Baker Sanders offer insightful comments and answer audience questions.

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