Efrain Villatoro Joins Building Carolina Staff

The Southeastern Carpenters has added to its staff Mr. Efrain Villatoro as a business representative for Local 312 in Charlotte, North Carolina. Efrain has been in the carpentry trade for more than 26 years, with 24 of those years spent with the United Brotherhood of Carpenters. His specialties span from trim work to heavy form.

“My goal is to represent our hard-working union brothers and sisters in the construction industry and promote our safety and jobsite performance and our training facilities,” Efrain said. “I also will work hard to recruit new individuals and help them understand how they have better opportunities by being a union carpenter. Everything we do is to bring our contractors skilled, trained and knowledgeable manpower every time.”

Efrain will be based at the Charlotte Workforce Development Training Center, 1928 Back Creek Dr. Charlotte, NC 28213. His office phone is (336) 249-2239.


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