Open House Series Showcases Capabilities to Charlotte Decision-Makers

One of the fastest-growing areas for construction and economic development in the Southeast is North Carolina. To respond to our partnering contractors' needs for safe, skilled manpower, we established the Joint Employer Training Center in Charlotte, North Carolina. Here we have the training equipment, mockups, training experts and proprietary curriculum to create skilled carpenters quickly and effectively.

To let our new neighbors know about the potential the Joint Employer Training Center provides, we host an Open House Series at the facility.

At our most recent Open House, representatives from the Charlotte business, first-responder, political, and workforce development sectors gathered at the Joint Employer Training Center to get a look at what the facility offers. Once there, they joined with area contractors to watch hands-on training demonstrations, examine the variety of skill-development mockups, and meet with carpenters, training experts and Southeastern Carpenter leaders.

Here's a look at the event:'

Our next Open House is April 27. All are welcome!


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